Football and Baseball

Coach Schnebly not only played professional baseball, he played semi-pro football, too! Click here to see his official Football and Baseball records.

A Gift We All Can Share

Sometimes we don't know when opportunity not taken becomes opportunity lost forever. A new article from Bob. Click to read more…

Looking Back

As Bob travels across the region enjoying real baseball, he encounters events worthy of a Kodak Moment. Click here to see his latest collection of photos. See more…

Hall of Fame

1994: Bluegrass Association Professional Baseball Hall of Fame and 50th Anniversary All~Time All Star Team, 1944~1994. Blue Grass Association, Lexington, Kentucky, est. 1885~1994.

2000: Industrial Baseball League of the Washington, DC, Metropolitan Area, Hall of Fame. Industrial Baseball League, Bowie, Maryland, est.1901 and NABF Member 1914, AABC Member 1931.

2002: Washington, DC, Home Plate Club and Sandlot Hall of Fame and Quarter Century All~Star Team, 1975~2000. Home Plate Club, Washington, DC, est.1951.

2009: American Football Association, Semi~Pro/Minor League Football, Hall of Fame. American Football Association, Binghamton, New York, est. 1978.

2014: National Semi~Pro Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, Evansville, Indiana.  National Semi~Pro Baseball Hall of Fame, est. 1994.