Football and Baseball

Coach Schnebly not only played professional baseball, he played semi-pro football, too! Click here to see his official Football and Baseball records.

A Gift We All Can Share

Sometimes we don't know when opportunity not taken becomes opportunity lost forever. A new article from Bob. Click to read more…

Looking Back

As Bob travels across the region enjoying real baseball, he encounters events worthy of a Kodak Moment. Click here to see his latest collection of photos. See more…


Our collections of photograps by Bob Schnebly snapped during his time in the world of baseball.

Baseball Hall of Fame - Professional Baseball RecordBaseball Hall of Fame Official Record

July 2008

Click this to see a copy of the official press release from the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. The document tracks all of Coach Schnebly's years in professional baseball beginning in the mid-seventies and stretching into the 1980s. Click here to read all the details. You can also click the small image to the right.

Coach Schnebly's AFA Football RecordAFA Football Semi-Pro Official Record

July 2008

Click here to see all the statistics for Coach Schnebly's years as a football player in the American Football Association (the AFA). You can track his years on the gridiron up and down the East Coast beginning in 1974 and stretching into the 1980s. Now you know why his body aches! Click here to read all his football stats.

Cuba and More

May 2006

Click here to visit a gallery of photos, raw and uncut, from years and years of adventure through the game of baseball. Click to view…

Looking Back—The Real Game of Baseball

July 2005

Please enjoy this collection of personal photos that reveal the real game of baseball in America. Click to view…