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From Cooperstown to Cuba

Bob’s book was a labor of love, a dream set to paper, with the idea emanating from the Industrial Leagues trek to Cuba in 1993 as well as a “last at bat” gift from Pete Groves in 1992, August 30th to be exact.  From this set of circumstances sprang the genesis of the book.  The idea was simple really, cover the entire history of Semi~Pro Baseball in the 20th Century, Washington, D.C. and surrounding areas of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Virginia within the logical confines of; the eastern shore to our east, the Blue Ridge Mountains to the west, York, Pennsylvania approx. to the north and the Fredericksburg Battlefield area of Virginia to our south.  Of course, as many wonderful ideas do, this one needed to be compacted and more selective as the research continued.

Interviews, stories told, phone calls, driving all over the region and a lot of library research later, and From Cooperstown to Cuba was taking shape.  The parameters of the 20th Century are expanded slightly to make sure certain bits of history are complete.  For instance, the Chambersburg Maroons Semi~Pro Baseball Team extend past the 20th Century on both ends.  They started in 1895 and are active to this day as the oldest team in the book.  They are also, the oldest active, on going, never interrupted (continuous play) team in America.

As the book took shape, it really became a collection of stories, woven into chapters about the barnstorming nature of Semi~Pro Baseball in Washington, D.C. and the surrounding area.  To be sure, there is league information.  Leagues such as the Industrial League of Washington, D.C. and all the branches of the Industrial League tree are covered in some detail.  The Chesapeake Independent Baseball League, the Tri-State League, the Franklin County League, the Blue Ridge League, the Charles/St. Mary’s League, and the Mid-Atlantic Negro League all are covered.  However, the barnstorming aspect and the nature of the teams covered, lent itself more to the coverage of various tournament trips, non-league exhibition games, play verses old Negro League teams and the like.

A labor of love, most certainly, a work in progress, no, because there must be a stopping off point somewhere.  However, a book like this continues to be written whenever teams like the Fedlock Falcons take the field to play the Tidewater Drillers. Other great teams of the past and still playing are Fairfax Furniture, Alexandria Dreadnoughts, Union Printers (est. 1908, and still playing today), or from the Chesapeake League, Charles County Raiders.  The Blue Ridge League has the Hagerstown Braves, Chambersburg Maroons, the old D.C. Industrial League and Mt. Rainier A.C., Heurich Brewers; from the Mid-Atlantic Negro League and the Industrial League, Washington Black Sox (est. 1928); other Industrial League teams, such as, Atlantic Masonry, TPC Iron and many, many more are the history of Semi~Pro Baseball in Washington, D.C. and surrounding area. 

From Cooperstown to Cuba is in the process of reading itself for the publisher. Lulu Publishing is going to be the venue for the final published copy.

History isn’t all we’ve got, come see an Industrial League game, a Chesapeake League game, just check with the appropriate links on the link page for league schedules.

Bob Schnebly

From Cooperstown to Cuba